Wag 'n' Wade Fundraiser for Humane Society of West Michigan

About This Campaign

Humane Society of West Michigan assists over 8,000 animals annually. We are 100% donor funded as we do not receive funding from the government nor are we financially supported by national welfare organizations. This means that we need you! All of our work helping animals is only possible because of generous and caring individuals and businesses in our community like you.
Our Mission is to promote the humane treatment and responsible care of animals through education, example, placement, and protection. In 2018, 3,788 animals were adopted from HSWM — 2,022 cats, 1,531 dogs, and
235 small animals. We also take in over 2,000 transfers and provide over 2,500 surgeries annually.
Your support of Humane Society of West Michigan
makes it possible for us to offer the following services:
-A comprehensive adoption program that matches homeless companion animals with new families and provides follow-up and support to ensure successful placements
-Educational programs for 8,500 children designed to teach compassion, respect, and responsible care for animals
-Expansive behavior department which enriches our animals stay with us and also provides counseling for resolving pet issues by strengthening the bonds between pets and their caregivers
-Behavior classes for dogs and puppies as well as informational seminars about a wide range of animal-related topics
-A pet food bank and vaccine clinics for animals from families experiencing significant financial hardship
Humane Society of West Michigan

Campaign to Support Humane Society of West Michigan

Humane Society of West Michigan, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, assists over 8,000 animals annually. We are 100% donor-funded! We receive no funding from the government or national animal welfare organizations. Caring individuals and businesses in our community support our mission to rescue hurt, abused and abandoned animals and find them a new forever home. Additional programs help reduce pet overpopulation, provide assistance to low income pet owners, behaviorally assess animals and reunite lost pets with their owners.


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