Nonprofit Membership Management Software

Keep track of your members, membership fees, renewal dates, and more, with Giveffect's powerful membership management software for nonprofits.

Fully integrated with CRM, Giveffect's nonprofit membership management software gives you the tools you need to:

  • Grow your membership and increase revenue
  • Track membership payments, outstanding fees and total revenue
  • Provide members with an easy, user-friendly experience
  • Stay connected to members and share organizational updates via email, newsletters and text-messaging
  • Provide extra value by creating and hosting members-only campaigns and events, offer your members promo codes to the next event, or even send free tickets
  • Cut down admin work

There are many things that make Giveffect the perfect member management software for nonprofits of all sizes.

Nonprofit Membership Levels

Giveffect's nonprofit membership software allows your organization to create and easily manage an unlimited number of membership levels. Each level can feature a unique membership fee and custom renewal terms.

Example of Giveffect's Membership Management System

Nonprofit Membership Applications

Giveffect provides advanced membership management for nonprofits who need a range of solutions. Your membership application process can be fully customized, with the ability to add specific questions relevant to your unique nonprofit organization. Giveffect also allows for:

  • Automated application process
  • Easy payment process by credit card or ACH
  • Pre-authorization of credit cards
  • No paperwork on your end; members are automatically entered into your nonprofit's membership database CRM
  • Cloud-based, mobile-friendly
Real-time Nonprofit reports & analytics

Nonprofit Membership Management

Once your members are in the system, Giveffect provides the tools you need for managing their experience over time. These include the ability to:

  • Quickly generate membership status reports
  • Track membership payments, outstanding fees, and total revenue
  • View a complete 360° view of members with donor and volunteer stats
  • Run targeted members-only email campaigns
  • Ability to create/host members-only in-person/online events
Integrated Reports

Nonprofit Membership Renewal

Make membership renewals quick and easy for your nonprofit organization with membership management software that's part of Giveffect. We help you manage:

  • Automated renewal email notifications for members
  • Recurring payments
  • Automated expiration alerts to let your staff (and your members) know when it's time for members to renew
Giveffect Relationship Tracking

Automated & Customizable Communications

Giveffect specializes in making your life easier. Our platform automates tasks for you so that your staff has their hands free to manage other things. With Giveffect, your membership management software can automate:

  • Welcome emails
  • Expiration reminders
  • Thank you notes

And it gives you the ability to engage your members with targeted members-only email marketing campaigns, newsletters, or text-messaging campaigns. Giveffect integrates our powerful communication tools with our membership database software so nonprofits can stay connected to their members.

Giveffect's Software Automation Flowchart

Reporting & Analytics

When it comes time for board reports, your membership coordinator can immediately generate a wide variety of reports, and track progress using customizable views. Your team can:

  • Track new membership
  • Review renewal numbers
  • Compare membership revenue over time
  • Analyze membership revenues as a part of the larger budget
  • Track email opens and clicks

And more, your analytics metrics and dashboards are customizable for each member of your team, so it's easy to ensure that the right staffers have access to the information they need.

Example Screenshot of Data in Giveffect's Report View

Nonprofit Membership Management Software, Integrated with the Broader Giveffect Platform

An integrated system makes every tool more effective and more powerful. For example, because our nonprofit membership management software is part of the Giveffect CRM, your team has easy visibility to giving records, volunteering history, event attendance records and more.

This means that there is an ability to analyze comprehensive information and plan strategically. You might, for example, waive upcoming membership fees for constituents who achieve a specific donation level, or who have volunteered for a set number of hours.

Giveffect's integration gives you the ability to:

  • Invite members to your next event, issuing members-only promo codes
  • Utilize the Events & Fundraising systems within Giveffect and create and host in-person/online members-only events
  • Deploy Forms & Waivers within your membership application program to collect additional information and survey responses

To learn more about how Giveffect's Nonprofit membership management software can help your membership program grow, book a demo or start your free trial today.

Giveffect's nonprofit software on multiple devices