Nonprofit Analytics & Advanced Reporting

Measure your giving, volunteering, fundraising, and marketing performance in one place with built-in data analytics for nonprofits, including a wide range of reports and dashboards. It's everything you need to be a data-driven nonprofit.

Get Instant Insights with Ready-made Reports

Time is one of the most precious currencies for nonprofit professionals. Access over 35 pre-built reports for instant insights into.

  • Donations
  • Lifetime giving
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising
  • Campaign data
Giveffect's Donation Gift Tracking View

All reports are ready for you in Giveffect's nonprofit Reporting Center to generate in seconds, saving you even more time.

Use our ready-made reports as is or customize pre-built reports with additional queries and data sources to meet your specific needs. Take a look at some of the ready-made nonprofit reports available within Giveffect:


    Donors who gave last year but did not give this year.


    Donors who gave some years, but not this year.

  • Donor Retention Report

    Identify trends in donor and donation retention.

  • Donor Recognition Report

    Get insights into contacts who have donated within a specific dollar range.

  • Annual Donation Comparison Report

    Compare donation totals on a year-to-year and month-to-month basis for a side-by-side comparison.

  • Donation Growth Report

    Get insights into contacts who have donated within a specific dollar range.

  • Campaigns Summary Report

    Get an overview of each event and campaign for side-by-side analysis.

  • Volunteer Recognition Report

    Review groups of volunteers based on their service hours completed with your organization.

Get Detailed Insights with Custom Reports

You don't need to be a data wizard to build a custom report with Giveffect, or to take advantage of Giveffect's advanced data analytics for nonprofit organizations. Easily generate comprehensive reports with unlimited filters to show the data you need. With our filter-based reporting, you can combine constituent, giving, volunteering, event, and campaign data, and more in one report.

Once you've created your custom report, you don't need to do it ever again. Instead, save your custom report and get real-time updates.

Example Screenshot of Data in Giveffect's Report View

Never Miss a Report with Automated Email Scheduling

Make reporting review a part of your routine. Get your ready-made or custom-built reports automatically in your email inbox on your desired schedule. Schedule reports in an Excel file or a PDF to send to yourself or colleagues.

Real-time Data on Your Mission Control Dashboard

The Giveffect Mission Control Dashboard displays a snapshot of your most important data in one easy-to-view screen.

Giveffect's nonprofit dashboard can show you:

  • Key giving metrics
  • Volunteering data
  • Web traffic metrics
  • And more!

In addition, our nonprofit KPI dashboard provides you with outreach suggestions for supporters who have never been contacted or whose donor anniversaries, volunteer anniversaries, and upcoming birthdays.

Customize your Giveffect Mission Control Dashboard to stay on top of key metrics relevant to your role.

Events & RSVP Real-Time Analytics

Real-time Data on Your Mobile

Use the Giveffect Dashboard App to check on key metrics such as donation volume, number of donations, and constituent data analysis for nonprofit data analytics from anywhere, worldwide.

And you can view all of your nonprofit analytics metrics by week, month, quarter, year to date, the year overall, and five years, with the option to look at your individual donations in greater detail.

Giveffect's Mobile App View

Unlock your nonprofit organization's data analytics potential with Giveffect today. To get started, book a demo or start your free trial today.