Nonprofit Management Software

Streamline your nonprofit operations with Giveffect's nonprofit management system.

Nonprofits rely on so many different specialty tools to manage their organization, from accounting to fundraising to volunteer management. Yet, they still depend on Excel sheets and other outdated systems that don't "talk to each other" - causing unnecessary manual work, silos in large teams, and extra work in small teams. To help, we've created an all-in-one nonprofit organization management software.

Giveffect replaces 5-8 software systems commonly used by nonprofits and helps to reduce manual work and stress by managing all aspects of your organization in one place, from donor and volunteer management to task management and resource allocation.

Paperless Nonprofit Management

Everything you need is stored digitally within the CRM. No more file folders and loose papers.

  • Online Applications

    Create customized applications for your volunteers, event and program participants, and more. Add custom questions to collect information relevant to your organization online. For example, if a new volunteer fills out an application, their response to each section of the application form is automatically added to their constituent profile. Once an application is completed, all data is automatically entered into Giveffect's CRM and is queryable.

  • Online Forms

    Online forms can be created to collect any type of info or field any kind of request. From surveys to in-kind donation pick-up forms, Giveffect can help you gather and track information online.

  • File Attachments

    With Giveffect, there's no need to search for the document attachment in your inbox, or keep piles of paper applications and documents. Attachments can be added to specific constituent profiles to keep all of the information in one place. (Please note that information within the attachment itself cannot be queried)

Track Incoming Funds in Real-time

Most nonprofits have payments coming in from multiple sources–donors, sponsors, events, and more. With Giveffect's management software, nonprofits can see where these payments are coming from in one place and who they are coming from in real-time on Giveffect's platform. Using Giveffect's Dashboard app, you can even view your income information while on the go. With Giveffect:

  • Payments are processed in real-time.
  • Payment data is automatically entered into your CRM. You can view the data from multiple perspectives: Campaign level, individual level, and more.
  • Payment reporting is easier than ever. You can run reports to see various streams of income.
  • We feature seamless QuickBooks integration for those using QuickBooks Online (QBO). Even if you're not using QBO you can easily query and download these payment files to transfer to your financial management system.

Nonprofit Budget Management

Giveffect provides a one-stop shop for managing your nonprofit's budgets. As you move through your fiscal year, We can help you track and manage your:

  • Expenses

    In the expenses tab, you can track your full expense budget, from managing your program expenses like utilities to planning events. We'll help you track your vendor costs like table rentals, venue rentals, and catering.

  • Invoices

    From invoicing your vendors to following up with your sponsors, Giveffect's integrated system makes tracking and sending invoices quick and easy.

Resource Allocation Management

Giveffect's nonprofit management system includes a powerful resource allocation feature. In your resource tab, you can track a variety of resources from power tools to physical space in your facility. Giveffect provides a bird's eye view of what resources are being used, when, and for how long. You can drill down further to track things like:

  • Room Capacity

    Ronald McDonald House uses Giveffect to track room capacity in their facilities. They can know, at a glance, what rooms are available for families, and how many people can each available room accommodate.

  • Conference Rooms

    If you need to track conference rooms in your office space, Giveffect can help you to know who has reserved the room, what chairs and tables they need, how long they will be using the space and all of their technology needs.

  • Equipment

    If you rent your equipment to outside individuals or groups, Giveffect can help you to manage those rentals. From construction tools to computers, you can create new sources of income and we'll help you to manage your rental operations.

Automate Data Entry

Utilizing disparate and siloed systems leads to constant downloading and uploading of data from one system to another, which causes inefficiencies, mistakes, communication issues and inevitable burnout. You can help your team reduce manual work and stress by equipping them with one software that can do it all and automate data entry.

Example of Nonprofit Management Tools

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